Welcome to the Gentian Garden Club!

Thank you for visiting the Gentian Garden Club web blog.  Gentian Garden Club is made up of about 50 members who are interested in horticulture, floral design, civic beautification and public outreach.   We meet every third Tuesday of the month at 7pm at the North Scituate Community House. Our members are from Scituate and the nearby towns of Foster, Glocester, Smithfield, Johnston, Coventry and beyond! We are affiliated with the RI Federation of Garden Clubs and the National Garden Clubs, Inc.   We welcome new members and guests to join our club at any of our meetings.


6 thoughts on “Welcome to the Gentian Garden Club!

  1. I received your contact from a woman who is active with floral beautification in Newport. I asked her whether she knew of any organizations that would be willing to provide service to an elderly woman whose wish is to remain in her house where her husband and son passed away. Her name is Rose and is nearly 89 years old. The shrubbery and plantings are in desparate need of trimming. Do you offer such an outreach service or know of another organization that may?

    Thank you.

    • Dear Linda,

      Unfortunately we do not offer an outreach program to do gardening for individuals like Rose. However, the Gentian Garden Club has several members who do fine gardening for a fee. If this is something you would be interested in, I can put you in touch with them. I do hope that you can
      find a satisfactory solution so that Rose can remain in her home.
      Cindy G.
      Gentian Garden Club

  2. Our Brooklyn CT garden club did a yard cleanup for a military wife in town whose husband was on active duty. It was a one time thing and there was no charge but was much appreciated. Taking time out to assist a genuinely needy person makes one feel good and promotes goodwill for the club.

    • Our plant sale is May 9th this year, at the Community House in North Scituate form 9am until noon, but get there early so everything isn’t picked over! Hope to see you there!

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